air kisses and chit chat

Yep, the BAN 5 opening was a blast. Not quite as jam-packed as the last one, but that’s a good thing. As is typical for most openings, it was pretty much impossible to really enjoy the art amidst all the chaos, but it was a great opportunity to catch up with friends, many of whom have been deep in the woodwork as of late. Big openings sometimes feel like class reunions in that way.

The socializing was great fun, but there were a lot of explanations to folks as to where Galleon Trade: BAN 5 wasn’t, since it doesn’t open as part of BAN 5 until September. While Yerba Buena has been staggering its exhibitions for some time now, I think that this is the first time that they’ve staggered a Bay Area Now opening, so people were bound to be confused.

Now, I know that art openings are very kissy-kissy and oh hi, how are you, and that there’s often a certain degree of, well, brightly decorated banter, but the artifice of this kind of social behavior got just a little bit more absurd Saturday: a number of people offered gracious congratulations to me/Galleon Trade, which was fine, but the TRULY awkward moments were where several people extended their congratulations into an out-and-out “I love what you did!” Um, even though there’s nothing up.

Still, I maintain that this was still people just trying to be nice, but it was prretttty funny…anyway. On to photos of what was a very fun night.

crowds in YBCA’s foyer

BAN 5 starlet Misako, with Jesse and K.Lo

Mr Boll Weevil and Disco Duck, reunited

more crowd-y-ness

Woffles, Inaoka, Houlding

Tully, gearing up to get down for her “Syndicate” BAN 5 project:

Tully and Tan vamping, Syndicate style:

Linda Cole on-screen! Everything IS Better Now! (Jonn Herschend’s project)

Il Divo:

tongues agog at all the artsy mayhem:

…and what big artsy social event would be complete without a picture of Eugene in his sassy pink shorts, revving the crowd up before his band performed?

Go catch the show. And lemme know what you think.
It’s an air kiss-free zone now, so you should be fine.

Bay Area Now 5
Yerba Buena Center for the Arts

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