Bay Area Now 5 and Galleon Trade

As most of you know, Bay Area Now 5 opens at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts this July 19.
As some of you know, Galleon Trade is part of the party! (We’re arriving fashionably late, however–
Galleon Trade: BAN 5 Edition
opens upstairs on Sept 4, after Taraneh Hemami’s Theory of Survival closes)!!
I’ve been meaning to update you folks for a while on this exciting-ness. There were a few reasons for the quiet:
1, I was completely burnt out and needed to resolve other projects first, including that Denmark thing
2, Galleon Trade: BAN5 is still over 6 weeks away, actually
3, there’s still the biggie Galleon Trade at the Luggage Store to develop in earnest, so I’m trying to pace myself.

Press for, and general public kibbitzing about, Bay Area Now is always significant, so it’s high time I let you in on how this slight detour from our trade route has come to be.

YBCA curators Berin Golonu and Kate Eilertsen were looking to expand the vision of BAN5, and invited artists to sub-curate some special projects (to this end, BAN5 also includes projects organized by Taraneh Hemami, Queens Nail Annex, Valerie Imus, and yours truly). I gave them a few Galleon Trade-related ideas, and they were most interested in one where I played match-maker, pairing a few Bay Area Galleon Trade artists who had traveled to Manila last year, with artists they had met there.

From the fancy, official YBCA wall statement you’ll soon see:

Galleon Trade: Bay Area Now 5 Edition addresses the deeply transnational ties between the Bay Area and the Philippines by pairing artists from both places. It features work by local artists Jaime Cortez, Megan Wilson, Johanna Poethig, Gina Osterloh and Christine Wong Yap, all of whom were members of the contingent that went to Manila in 2007, and met many local artists.

In the spirit of the transpacific “trade” of Galleon Trade, these 5 artists were paired up with Manila artists Maria Taniguchi, Poklong Anading, Norberto “Peewee” Roldan, MM Yu, and Yason Banal. Their works are in direct conversation with each other, each artist’s unique practice enriching and resonating with another’s.

Apparently, as is traditional with BAN (Bay Area Now), some folks are already prickly about who’s been included, and who hasn’t: the fact that GT: BAN 5 includes Manila artists who aren’t even IN the Bay Area is bound to confuse a few more. BAN is also about artists who have never shown at YBCA, so that it gives them a new showcase: this also factored into this latest incarnation of our project.

Another thing that seems unclear to people new to our endeavor is that Galleon Trade is an ongoing, multi-year project, not a one-off YBCA pet project, which means that there are still at least two, if not more, future exhibitions involving various members of our motley crew. Also, the relationships formed by our trip to Manila have continued in all sorts of organic, dynamic ways not necessarily seen by the greater public: the music exchanges that Chris Brown (Trader Poethig’s partner) has been doing with folks in Manila, the Philippines Fulbright Fellowship that Gina Osterloh just returned from, or the Futura Manila show that a few GT folks are in, for example. And, of course, there are the various ongoing email communiques and long-distance friendships many of us are still maintaining.

Sooo. Hopefully, this helps clarify.

Galleon Trade sails again, and big ups to Johanna, Peewee, Jaime, Maria, Christine, Yason, Megan, Poklong, MM and Gina as they prepare their amazing work for this next port of call!

And as for the rest of you:
Come to YBCA this Saturday the 19th for the big kick-off party (buy your tickets early NOW. It sells out.)
And, come last week of August, it’s all hands on deck to help with install for our Sept 4 opening…

July 19-November 16
*Opening Night Party July 19 8 pm!!
Yerba Buena Center for the Arts
701 Mission St San Francisco

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