Fermata: pause, or…period?

A fermata (or hold or pause) is an element of musical notation indicating that the note should be sustained for longer than its value would indicate.

OK, as we continue to creep ever closer to Fermata, our MFA Exhibition, comedy material keeps falling in our laps here at Berkeley…please appreciate the design qualities of the official invite to the reception for Fermata, which was just emailed to us on Friday:


And now, please appreciate the design qualities that a wonderful member of our program (who shall remain nameless) has added to said invite:


It’s got wings!

All kidding aside, it’s exciting to be moving closer and closer to the official event. The BAM staff has been nothing but supportive, from helping us draft our brochure texts, to keeping us on track with other deadlines so that our big-time debut is a professional affair. Now that I’ve got that final group crit out of the way (which went swimmingly, BTW, thanks for asking), there are only a few hurdles left…whee!

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