yet another reason

…Denmark’s the diggity.
They make an ice cream cone called the Supa Woffla!


A classic euro-cone (vanilla, chocolate, nuts), but with a tropical twist (pineapple).
Could it get any better?
When I’m a superhero, I’m SO being called Super Woffler.

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One Response to “yet another reason”

  1. Tofu-silog Says:

    Euro-cone with a tropical twist! Love it! A superhero driving an ice cream truck with the music box tunes.

    …Reminds me of when Irish-Fil-Am author Lara Stapleton and I were trying to find the phone # for Patio Filipino and make a res. I was trying to get the phone number from 411 Goog and the robot operator kept saying, “Paddy O’ Filipino” (as if I was looking for a Irish dive bar serving tropical drinks).

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