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I was sitting here in cute little Jyderup, looking over a map/calendar of galleries I want to check out in big-city Copenhagen, when I noticed that Koh-i-noor, an artist-run space there, is having an opening on Friday June 27 of a collaborative project by Bay Area artists Josh Greene and Renee Gertler.

Renee and I only recently became acquainted, primarily through showing together at the DiRosa Preserve earlier this year, but of course, it has turned out that she, Josh and I have many mutual friends and conspirators. A tangled web, woven all the way to Copenhagen! And Koh-i-noor has a number of ties to the Bay Area arts community. I think this began when organizer Heidi Hove Pedersen studied at CCA for a year, and has extended a great deal since then. My buddy, fellow artist Jonn Herschend, worked with the Koh-i-noor crew to put together Deadpan Exchange, a series of international arts exchanges between Denmark and the Bay Area. This project started last summer, around the same time as Galleon Trade, so Jonn and I have been egging each other on ever since.

Soo, triple-delight:
1: get to see koh-i-noor space finally
2: get to see Renee and Josh in Copenhagen (even if we could do this at home)
3: get to see a really cool project that deals with the nature of partnership, negotiation and collaboration, always a juicy subject

from the koh-i-noor website:
Koh-i-noor is proud to present the video That’s My Side, by Renee Gertler and Josh Greene.

That’s My Side is a collaboration between San Francisco based artists (and married couple) Renee Gertler and Josh Greene. For this exhibition in Copenhagen Gertler and Greene are making a video that takes collaboration as its subject. As a married couple nearly every aspect of their lives are fused. But despite the fact that they are both artists, the work that they each do is distinctly separate and their own. Of course they regularly consult each other for aesthetic and conceptual advice, but they do not collaborate. Until now that is.

That’s My Side forces Gertler and Greene to take a look at their individual practices and figure out how they may fuse them into one coherent exhibition. Over the course of several months they have been having extended discussions via email and Gmail chat about how they can possibly collaborate. At times the dialogue has been tense and frustrating, yet also revealing of where they each are in regards to their careers at this particular moment.

Gertler and Greene have taken these emails and Gmail chats and used them as the basis for a dramatization of the conversation that they have been having. The video, That’s My Side, will feature the Danish actors, Penille Albæk Andersen and Jakob Knudsen from the Statens Teater Skole, playing the roles of Gertler and Greene. The video will be in Danish with English subtitles.

Opening: June 27, 5-8 pm
Exhibition: June 27 ”“ July 6, 2008
Hours: Thursday ”“ Sunday 2-5 pm

Dybbølsgade 60
DK-1721 CPH V.

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