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The hermit gets restless, at long last. I’ve been finally venturing out beyond the lovely paths and trails around Jyderup, and seeing more of the area. And, now that Pirate has arrived, more sightseeing and adventuring are coming soon…
Over the weekend, I took a little day trip to Roskilde, to check out a Fluxus show at the city’s contemporary art museum, and then just spent the afternoon wandering around, enjoying the sights.

The show was a very dense presentation of Fluxus ephemera, instructions and scores: a lot to sift through, but engaging, nonetheless. I’m always a sucker for Fluxus.
Entrance to the Museet for Samtidskunst where the show was held:
The work was crammed everywhere in the galleries, and even in the cafe and toilet, which was actually one of my favorite aspects of the show’s installation.

Although the signage requested that no photos be taken, I couldn’t resist taking a couple in aforementioned teensy cafe which, quite charmingly, consisted of two little tables and a DIY coffee machine (the kind you plug a couple of coins into, and get a hot beverage in a plastic cup)…
…as well as the bathroom:
I’m thinking that Mag:net Katipunan’s CR Gallery in the Philippines is still the best bathroom gallery in the world, but a little global competition isn’t such a bad thing. Both the cafe and bathroom had way more art than these pictures demonstrate, but really. There are only so many cafe/bathroom gallery pictures that any blog should host.

Anyhow. Wandered down to the harbour (or is it a harbour, technically? Roskilde’s right on a fjord. How does this work?), took in the spectacle of some sort of gymnastics festival happening in a field nearby, then wandered around in a really lovely, quiet little cemetery before calling it a day, buying a hot dog at the station, and jumping on a train back to Jyderup.
boats.jpg cem.jpg
Fluxus, coffee in plastic cups, bathroom art, fjords, gymnasts, cemeteries, hot dogs, trains.
All in all, a very solid day.

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