soelyst, to say the least

OK, back to serious business, folks. There’s a lot of Danishness to report about.
This, on the piano in the downstairs dining hall here at Soelyst A.I.R.:
BTW, smoking was finally banned in numerous public venues recently: kind of a big thing here.

Soelyst, as it turns out, is a former manor house, then hunting lodge, of some sort. When it came into public possession, it went through various incarnations as a house for “fallen women” (gotta love that), an orphanage or children’s center (I’m a little unclear on this one), a school, and now, for the past year or so, an artist residency center. Lucky me.

The ground-level dining hall isn’t really used by any of us (we’re on the 2nd and 3rd floors), but I like poking around in the emptiness down there. It’s like The Shining, only Danish, and pleasant. (Plus for all you design nerds, it’s just littered with Danish Modern furniture…)
…and one floor up is my studio, with the most ridiculously lovely view of the lake.
The sun just streams in all afternoon and evening.
Here’s the outside view (the open windows are my studio):
Just remember, most of the year, I live in West Oakland.
I like to think I’m entitled to a little time in a Danish manor house on a lake, here and there.

So how am I earning my keep?
Well, one, I’m making a ton of work in the studio.
And two, I offered to finish painting the upstairs communal room a lovely, leafy green:
Between the exterior foliage and the interior latex paint, it’s all about green right now, ladies and germs.

Actually, I’m just painting the room for kicks, since the job had been left half-done for some months prior to my arrival. And because, you know, between painting what feels like every room in my house as well as several galleries in SF in the past six months, I’m kind of programmed to do it. Like I just see a wall, and feel compelled to paint it.

More Soelyst shenanigans coming soon! Stay tuned.

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  1. cwongyap Says:

    congrats woff! you sound like you’re having a blast and drinking all of denmark up like a tall glass of kondi. delish!

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