does art + blog= arg or blort?

Well, the time has come, in my burgeoning wofflings, to blog about someone’s blog about my blog. How funny is that?

The piece I put in Intersection’s auction fundraiser was purchased by a woman who’s collected work by MOB and a number of my friends. She and I have occasionally emailed in the past, but have never managed to connect. Given the incestuous nature of the Bay Area’s cultural social life, we basically know each other by proxy, through the numerous mutual friends we’ll inevitably sort out that we have. It’s nice to know that my piece went to someone with whom I already feel some kind of friendly connection!

She found my post about Intersection, and about patronage and support of the arts in the Bay Area in general, and responded on her own site, in return:

She expanded on my ramblings about the Bay Area’s bizarre schism between art and money (or other kinds of professional support) in some thoughtful, interesting ways, from the perspective of someone who is both an artist (poet) and patron herself. I’m sure that similar ruminations/ conversations have been happening in a variety of official and unofficial ways, but I would sure be interested to hear from other folks who ponder similar matters, or have come up with good solutions in their professional practice or their involvement with a nonprof that has been able to evolve into a more sustainable organization. I’m not sure if it’s just some function of my own slow maturity into finally looking at the dynamics of the Bay Area art community more comprehensively, but it does seem like I’m hearing/noticing these conversations more and more. Where do we go from here?

I’d write more about this at the moment, but (speaking of professional behavior) I’m getting off-task out here at my studio, so I need to get back to the drawings I’m working on. More later, I’m sure…

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