Coming up for air, at long last. Boy, is it nice.
I’m in Denmark now! More on that later, as I’m backlogged on posts from the past 2 weeks as it is.

June is the month where things slow back down to their proper pace: I’m now at Soelyst Artist in Residence Centre for the next 30 days, which will hopefully compensate for the utter mania of the previous few months. Nevertheless! The mania has had its moments.

I left the U.S. on May 24, and the week prior was sort of a blur of packing up the house, painting, grading, and selling crap on Craigslist. PLUS a flight down to LA to participate in a most excellent Galleon Trade panel at UCLA, organized by my #1 BFF GT co-conspirator, Dr Lucy Mae San Pablo Burns.

Lucy and the Reannimal in action:


It was wonderful to get the Galleon Trade re-launched. I have more posts about that shortly, in regards to another upcoming Galleon Trade exhibition! (As they say in Conan the Barbarian, “… And this story shall also be told.“)

Anyway. The panel was super-great, but what truly made my head spin was our after-panel meal at a new restaurant in LA that, for obvious reasons, is my new favorite destination in town:

A bazillion kinds of waffles! We even got to have a waffle sundae!

Man. Life is good.

OK. More on the Europe thing shortly. Just had to get the waffle/LA post out of the way.

It’s only right.

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