Well, Saturday’s moving sale was a bust, to say the least. Some good friends came by and swooped on a few goodies, but the grand total of visitors was somewhere around 10 people. Too many competing events that day, I guess. Still, it was great to visit with the folks that did drop by, and I did make at least a few bucks that ended up going towards the Tiana fund-raiser that night.

Anyway, I’m still left with a house full of no-longer-needed stuff that has to be dealt with ASAP, so I’ve moved on to phase 2, which is selling bigger items individually on Craigslist.

The choicest items currently posted:

Gigantic Gene Wilder-as-Willy Wonka head – $45 SOLD!

vintage metal table/stand-type-thing: on wheels, with fold-out – $20


4 drawer filing cabinet – $30


very pirate-y vintage wooden trunk/chest – $50


2 TVs-cheap! 1 for $15, 1 for $30, both for $40


4 cool, large wooden picture frames – $10

BIG bunch of books reallly cheap! – $30


And much, much more!
Er, way too much more.
I don’t know what to do about the Motel Cucaracha lamps, or the ceramic monkey on a surfboard, or the Barbies-with-eyepatches, or the box of bridesmaid dresses, or the family-size bottles of rum, or the ab-roller, or the crazy martini glasses…etc etc etc. Halp.

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