Okay. So as if it hasn’t been frenetic enough lately, some MORE good stuff has plopped itself on my lap, rendering it even less likely that I’ll have a breather in the month to come. While it’s a relief that my spring break from teaching is coming up next week, it’s pretty much going to be a long work-session on art projects, instead. So much for the M.O.B. reunion in LA we’d been conspiring towards. That’s OK: we’ve got matching tattoos. That’s like a guarantor we’ll see each other soon.

There are two main things soon to be competing with my sleep schedule:

Thing 1:
I’m working on videos again, at long last: it’s pretty fun to be at it again! It works a different part of my creative brain.
It’s for a show organized by the vivacious Patricia Maloney called “Make You Notice“, featuring Laura Swanson, Kate Gilmore, Lisa Anne Auerbach and yours truly. This show opens March 27 at the San Francisco Arts Commission Gallery. I don’t know Lisa or Kate, but their work looks cool. And I adore Laura Swanson, so I’m thrilled to be showing with her.
Thing 2:
OK, this is insanity. Out of the t.f. blue, I was invited to do an April show with the venerable Frey Norris Gallery. Raman Frey and Wendi Norris and I discussed someone for me to show with, and of course Christine Wong Yap, my dream date of all dream dates, came up. So now she and I have a 2 woman show called “Sorry“, which I think is a hilarious, and highly appropriate, title. It pertains in all sorts of tragicomic ways to each of our works. I think it’s gonna rock.
(No, this isn’t our show.
I just had to throw in a gratuitous image of my favorite game EVER when I was little.)

So here’s the only real buzz-kill about both of these phenomenal opportunities:

both opening receptions for these shows fall on Thursday nights.
when my Filipino Performance class at USF meets.
And both Thursdays are the last 2 weeks of rehearsals before the big PCN, so there is no way I can miss either class, or find a substitute.
So I can’t go to my own openings! Wofferella can’t go to the Ball!

Someone find me a glass slipper, tout de suite.
I’ll make it fit.

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3 Responses to “scullery”

  1. kt shorb Says:

    congrats! too bad you can’t go to your own openings, but doesn’t that just mean you’re becoming “big?” please post your videos when you get them ready, ‘k? btw, “sorry” was my favorite board game as a child. hee hee.

  2. admin Says:

    What–are you sayin’ I’m getting fat? What?
    I’m gonna act like I’m getting big. But really I’m just poorly-scheduled.

    Will post stills at the very least soon, videos not too long after.

    Fuck online scrabble: what about online Sorry?

  3. Swanson Says:

    Thanks, I adore you too I suppose we don’t spend so much time with each other outside of running into each other at functions because we are both similar – way too busy. If I am not busy I get depressed because I am so bored. Anyway, the opening will be funny. It will be a diverse mix of people – especially if this show is featured in 7×7. Can you imagine Allan talking to some stranger about their new BMW and/or condo?

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