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Ahhh. Finally.
Carlos Villa has a web presence, once more!

Apparently Carlos had a website-type-thing some years ago, back in the bad old days of dial-up and dinosaurs. It’s long-gone, and I’ve been hoping that he’d eventually put something back up again. And lo and behold: it’s here!


(OK. Loooove the chicken bone nuttiness above.)

It’s such a treat to see his legacy made more widely available again: I’ve seen much of this work over the years, but only in rare slide lecture glimpses, and the occasional teeny-tiny reproduction in some publication. It’s great to finally have an elegant web archive to reference, at long last!

I have a dangerous tendency to gush about Carlos. The short version is: he’s wonderful. Carlos is one of the great gems of the Bay Area arts community, and has taught me more about bringing generosity, compassion and diversity into one’s artistic and pedagogical practice than anyone else I know. When I was a young undergrad at SFAI, I was lucky enough to take a couple of classes with him: he inspired me on every level possible to become the artist/collaborator/educator I’ve turned out to be. I essentially inherited his Filipino Arts class at USF, and I still find reasons to call him up and pester him whenever I can. He introduced me to the other members of MOB (like Charlie, and the Angels, y’know?), and he effortlessly created a network of friends and collaborators who all continue to work together in various capacities, ranging from Laurie and Darryl at the Luggage Store, Johanna Poethig, to Julio Morales, to Trisha Lagaso and David Goldberg, to Jerome Reyes…the list is a long one. There are so many of us who owe a great deal to Carlos.

If you haven’t yet been lucky enough to work with, study with, or meet the man himself, hopefully this will be a decent surrogate, of sorts. So check it, and link it: He’s the real deal.

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