1 full-scale faux walk-thru metal detector-$250


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Date: 2008-03-04, 10:42AM PST

For sale: 2 1 slightly-used, full-scale, faux walk-thru metal detectors, made by Bay Area artist, famous in her own mind. Very low mileage. (There were two, but one is now spoken for.) These were made for a recent art exhibition, but are now ready to be released into the wild. They are disassembled for easy storage, but are far easier to screw back together than your average piece of IKEA furniture, or attempting to program your parent’s VCR.

Perfect for use as a wedding arch (just add flowers), chuppah alternative, cocktail party conversation-starter, stage-set piece, fetish playroom object, children’s birthday/dance party prop, or low-budget security option at school or work! Also just nice to leave in some field somewhere for surrealist comedy value.

These two-of-a-kind, hand-made objects are made entirely of wood, with simple metal brackets in the top corners.
They come with a FREE ziplock bag of all the necessary screws, as well as a half-empty can of gray primer for touch-ups!
$250 for one  $400 for two.

By acquiring these, you agree to:
1. Not reuse them in your own art exhibition, because that would be inappropriate, and bad.
2. Not take them to Burning Man under any circumstances, because that would be worse.

please contact seller via email.

it’s NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests
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One Response to “1 full-scale faux walk-thru metal detector-$250”

  1. kt shorb Says:

    but i WANTED to take it to BURNING MAN!!!!!!!!!!
    (i’m sure it will be bought very soon, tho’)

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