monster drawers, round eight

It’s a good week for drawing, mes amis. Not only has Adrian got that outdoor drawing session happening on the 19th, but Southern Exposure has its annual Monster Drawing Rally this Friday the 22nd!

Aforementioned gnarly headcold put me a bit behind on posts, otherwise I’d have mentioned the MDR earlier.
Well, it’s not as if it’s an event in any danger of being under-attended: despite my tardy reportage, I guarantee that it’ll be a full-on, shoulder to shoulder, dog-and-pony-show, as usual. The event is always a crowd-pleaser. Who doesn’t like watching artists sweat doodle-bullets for a good cause?

For those of you new to the MDR experience, it’s an evening where artists agree to draw for a one-hour shift under intense public scrutiny, after which their drawings are placed on a wall and immediately sold to whomever’s interested at the bargain flat rate of $60. There are 4 shifts (6-7, 7-8, 8-9, 9-10), and this year about 130 artists spread across those shifts, drawing away. All proceeds benefit the always-worthy Southern Exposure.


My Drawing Night cronies and I are staking our usual claim on the 6pm to 7pm slot: it’s a little mellower, and then we’re done by the time MDR gets really nutsy, and can move on to being spectators, as well. Now that wee little Wofflings is a year old, I can refer you back to how last year’s MDR07 session went right here, and how I drew last year’s MDR postcard here. (I wanted to post Veronica DeJesus‘s awesome image from this year’s card, but I can’t seem to find it online for some weird reason.)

Come join us! Should be a really fun night, as always. For the second year in a row, the venue is the magnificent Verdi Club, which is its own reason for attending, in and of itself.

8th Annual Monster Drawing Rally
Southern Exposure at Verdi Club

(*NOT at Southern Exposure!)
2424 Mariposa Street, San Francisco
Friday, February 22nd, 6-11 pm

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  1. Marco Says:

    What an awesome idea! I just need to move my ass to the Bay where everything cool happens! :-)

  2. kt shorb Says:

    man, i wish i were there! so awesome!

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