Tres. Trop. On the ocho. Sayang.

This is one of those dates where it might make sense to have a twin, or a clone, or something: too many events going on at the same time on the same night! Feb 8 has all of a sudden added up to a full social calendar, and I’m scrambling to figure out how to be in 3 places at once. Gaaah.

1. Emergency Biennale talk.
6 pm. CCA PLAySPACE gallery. San Francisco.

Evelyne, myself, and many of the other Bay Area artists who were added to round 10 of EB are participating in an informal discussion about the show.
If the rain scared you off during the opening last week, this will be just about the last time to catch the show, and to hear about its genesis from Evelyne herself. It’s so refreshing to experience an exhibition that doesn’t participate in some of the usual solipsistic clubby-ness of many Bay Area art shows: its intentions are so different, and so much more international in nature. (But to be fair to local shows, some of the solipsism is part and parcel of how a tight-knit local community functions. Still and all: it is a little too in-love-with-itself sometimes, to the detriment of creating a larger, more global sense of an art community…)

2. Christine Wong Yap + Zachary Royer Sholz + Ricky Allman.
Opening reception: 6-8 pm. Swarm Gallery. Oakland.

Damn it, damn it, damn it. I’ve got to figure out how to zip back to the east bay for this.
I know that Christine’s been working her heinie off on this installation, so I know it’s going to be something amazing to see. Having just checked out Zachary and Ricky’s works courtesy of the the links on Christine’s blog (now here, too), I’m super-excited to see their work, as well.

3. Deadpan Exchange Part III.
Opening reception: 6-9 pm. The LAB. San Francisco.

I’ve been so excited about Jonn Herschend’s international arts exchange project with Danish artists since it launched this past summer.

It’s such a funny, quirky theme, with a number of suspiciously low-profile comedian-types. A whole gaggle of Danes have come over here for the event, and I’m super looking forward to meeting them: I have an evil plan to dovetail the Galleon Trade experience with the Deadpan Exchange experience when I’m an artist-in-residence in Denmark this coming summer. Yahoo to more grass-roots international arts exchange!

For those of you who A, don’t go to shows in Oakland, and B, don’t go to shows that don’t feature one of your local buddies, I double-dog dare you to go to one or all of these. I can’t say that I’m always the best about making the rounds, either, so it’s not as if I’m not guilty of this at times, as well. But all 3 of these events are pretty one-of-a-kind (and not because I’m in one of them, okay?), so I ask, nay, I implore you to attend maybe one of ‘em…

Emergency Biennale discussion
Feb 8, 6 pm on
1111 8th St, SF 94107

Christine Wong Yap + Zachary Royer Sholz + Ricky Allman opening reception
Feb 8, 6-8 pm
Swarm Gallery
560 2nd St, Oakland 94607

Deadpan Exchange III opening reception
Feb 8, 6-9 pm
2948 16th St, SF 94103

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