Ok. Got through the week. Looking forward to not watching the stuporbowl on Sunday and catching the superstar show at the Headlands, and just relaxing a little bit this weekend.

My first minute as the newly-instated figurehead (more of a puppet government, really) for the Filipino Performance course at USF Thursday night went pretty smoothly, given how 11th-hour my instatement was (the course started last week without a professor): Wednesday night was a pretty late one, between pulling it together for my existing course as well as putting together a plan for the new one.

Between Filipino Performance and Filipino American Arts, I’m finding myself very sweetly overwhelmed by how great it is to be working with a large population of Fil-Am students (especially in the arts!) for the first time in my teaching career. I can’t say what effect I’ll have on them, but since it was a pretty deep experience for me with the only two Fil-Am professors I’d ever had (Carlos Villa and Cathy Choy), I hope that at the very least, I don’t traumatize my students. Much.

The official course title is actually “Barrio Fiesta: Filipino Performing Arts“, and it’s a special topics course geared primarily to provide a little more academic structure for all of the hard-working students who put together Barrio Fiesta, USF’s annual PCN (Pilipino Cultural Night). The pic below is from the cast and crew call at last year’s event:


Little did I know when taking this last year that I’d be involved somehow with this year’s. Hm.

So. Improvisation is the name of the game right now, as I’m coming into this last-minute, and I want to be respectful of the traditions and structures that have historically governed how Barrio (shorthand), er, plays out. No pun intended. This is its 35th annual event, but its first year as a class, so there’s a lot of history I don’t want to derail. We’re off to a good start, though. I think maybe I’m becoming a blog addict, as I put together yet another course blog for Barrio here.


If you’re in the Bay Area, consider this your first invitation to attend. April 4 and 5. Be there.

OK. Off to enjoy the weekend now. I might go shoe-shopping (no Imelda jokes, thanks.) It appears I need a good pair of rain shoes, given the recent waves of inclement weather. My other shoes either have holes in the soles, or aren’t waterproof, and these dumb loafers I’ve been wearing every day just aren’t cutting it anymore…

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