Crazy busy. Crazy weather. I thought it was March that went in like a lion and out like a lamb. I don’t what people say about January, but if I were in charge of sayings, January would go in like a Liger, and out like a ManBearPig.


But back to the whirlwind. For all of the times I’ve claimed that I don’t go out to arts events that much, the past week of activities wouldn’t support that statement much. Monday’s holiday was a break from my fledgling Arts Education course at CCA, but Tuesday was day one of my Filipino American Arts course at USF, so there was much last-minute prep to attend to.


With enrollment at close to 30 students, I’m both delighted and daunted by the popularity of the class! (Historically, there have been around 10 students per term.) There’s a new course blog here for this semester’s incarnation: not much on it yet, but much more soon to come.

Wednesday, I finished my Emergency Biennale drawing, then went to the opening at Mills College for ‘We Interrupt This Program‘: as usual, the paradox of going to a highly social art event like an opening is that it’s next-to-impossible to actually see the art. I’ll be going back shortly to spend some proper time with it, but at a glance, it looked really sharp.

Thursday, taught at USF again, then promptly came home and passed out for a couple of hours. I was fighting some sort of bug off all week, to boot, so the usually-to-be-avoided-like-the-plague afternoon nap probably helped protect me from the plague. (Not a napper. Now you know. ) Mike and Reanne unexpectedly came up from LA and ended up staying at the house, which was delightful: I hadn’t seen Reanne since August, before she left for her residency at Civitella Ranieri. (Poor Reanne. Living in a castle in Italy, making art.)

Friday, caught up with M&R, caught up on course planning for Filipino American Arts, then had a phone meeting which resulted in a last-minute teaching gig at USF: it appears that I’ll be teaching Filipino Performance there, too, starting this week. Yahoo! Various other last-minute emailings and work things filled out the afternoon, and eventually, P and I rolled out in the evening’s pouring rain for the opening reception for Emergency Biennale.
The weather kept a few folks away, I think, but because of this, it was one of those receptions where you could actually look at the art, and visit with people! The PLAySPACE gallery is small, but intimate, and lent itself well to the chaotic, energetic nature of the works installed.
(Finq+Woff+background friends)
The show is really powerful, and only up for a short time: go catch it if you can.

Saturday was a great afternoon meal in Napa with the family, followed by the opening at the Di Rosa Preserve. The week’s lousy weather held itself more or less at bay during the afternoon so that various Woffords could appreciate the view at the Preserve, at least.
The other treat was that Rene Di Rosa was out and about that night! Michael Schwager, the curator,had suggested that RDR’s health might prevent him from being there, but happily, he was there, and bellowed out a great little welcome speech:
And then, of course, there were the Point of Departure paintings that I was exhibiting: I excerpted 19 from the original composition of 40 images. Having not seen the works ensemble since May, and having not exhibited them in this layout before, I can say I’m still pleased with the series.
This spring, I’ve got to to continue making more images for this project, as has always been the plan.

Sunday, brunch with Rosanna and John, then back to the house to straighten things up a bit before hosting the semi-monthly Creative Capital professional development meeting. About 30-ish Bay Area artists did a professional development workshop sponsored by Creative Capital way back in November 2006, and a number of us continue to meet every month or so to stay on our toes. The meetings are always so heartening and productive: they’ve more than kept me on track in terms of continuing to professionalize without being a dope about it.

Monday was more prep for my various classes: taught the Arts Education seminar again last night, which was dreamy. I love working with students who care, and are utterly engaged! And now it’s Tuesday morning, and I’ve got about a zillion things more to do, so it’s definitely time to cut this post off. Phew. I’m loving what’s been swirling around, but I’ll be happy when the winds die back down a bit…

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  1. kim Says:

    Congratulations on getting the class underway, and having so many students! The “Point of Departure” works look great in exhibition…. (and a shout-out to R&J from Austin!) Um, when do you sleep? :)

  2. admin Says:

    Thanks for the cheerleading, kim! I sleep as much as anyone, I think: it’s just that this consarned dadblamed blog enables me to wax on about everyday responsibilities that everyone has, so it SEEMS like I’m doing a lot. (…And I wouldn’t be so “busy” if I just managed my time better. Ahem.)

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