Dubai, 1978

So the bad news is that those aforementioned Mardi Gras pics are slides, according to Pops Woff. Mom Woff thinks differently, but I could turn up no examples during my foraging earlier today. The good news is that I did find a few other Dubai pics, nonetheless, all of which corroborate prior claims…

Home, sweet home. We lived in the left half of this duplex unit in Jumeirah: a nice Egyptian family, and then a nice Indian couple, were our neighbors during the time we lived there. School was literally across the street: somehow, I managed to be late, anyway.


There was an enormous empty lot beside our home: neighborhood kids would cut through it, and the occasional camel would stroll through, grazing on dates from the palms in the background.


Check out the fat backrest on my glitter-green banana seat hoopty! This was my first real bicycle (paving the way for future motorcycles…) Ever the child-entrepreneur, I earned the dirhams ($$$) for my bike, running my all-girl carwash. Yeah, yeah. I know.


Anyway, cars get very dusty in the desert, and there weren’t any car washes. With a little bit more business infrastructure, I coulda made a killing. I live with my regrets, daily. The street I’m on was right in front of our house, and is one of the streets that the Mardi Gras parade came rolling down…

Our family lived in Dubai from 1978 to 1980. I still think back on this era as the best part of my childhood: simple, safe, innocent, with tons of space and time for imagination and play. We all idealize aspects of our childhoods to degrees, but without a doubt, this was the pinnacle of the fun for me.


me, camille, and camel

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