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Sorry for being MIA for a minute there, folks. Got the headcold of the century for about a week there, and am only just now returning to something akin to sentient thought.

Anyway, I was fooling around on the internet recently (as one does), checking up on my new friend Adrian (who patiently volunteered with my Southern Exposure show), and clicking this link and that on his nicely redesigned website. I found a link to an awesome, relatively new web invite service called CRUSHER, which I hope to gawd puts the diabolical eVite in its place at long last. (Also, Crusher makes these nerdy-awesome T-shirts.)

Adrian posted a public event via Crusher which sounds amazing, and which it appears that he’s lead sheepwrangler for: Drawing Space, a biweekly lunchtime drawing session in one of the privately-owned public open spaces (POPOS) in downtown SF. So simple, so perfect. Hang out on your lunch break downtown and draw with other drawers. I love it.

There was a Drawing Space Feb 5 which would have made for a lovely, sunny session, had I posted about it in time.
Feb 19′s the next one.
Pleeease let the weather continue to be nice, for the sake of this cool event!

Tuesday, Feb 19, 2008
~ 1pm to 2pm

Tuesday, Mar 4, 2008
~ 1pm to 2pm
Tuesday, Mar 18, 2008
~ 1pm to 2pm

Hanging out with other folks in as you draw and sketch your lunch away.


The things I loved about this are:
1: drawing with others, especially as an escape from work, is awesome.
2: drawing in public, outdoor space is awesome.
3: I learned about POPOS and paraformance via REBAR, which Adrian pointed to as a resource. These privately owned public open spaces are outlined on REBAR‘s awesome resource site, COMMONspace.

As for REBAR, well, when Southern Exposure had its swansong exhibition in their original 17th & Alabama site in 2006, these guys came up with the brilliant idea of canning up chunks of the gallery’s wall, and editioning them to raise money for SoEx. Since I missed out on Piero Manzoni’s cans back in the day, this seemed like a far more lovable (and affordable!) piece of work to purchase, so I did.

w120-339-le06_rebarcan.jpgRebar Brand Canned Gallery Space, Southern Exposure, 2006
Tin can, Southern Exposure gallery wall, mineral oil
Edition of 300

Beyond that, I’d known a little bit peripherally about REBAR and their public events, but since most had been in SF during my East Bay supremacist phase, I managed to miss ‘em, sadly. Adrian, however, had mentioned his participation in a number of their events, and now, as of my recent stumbles around their site, I’m a big-time fan. See how easily people can be influenced when you bring up interesting artsy/cultural things to do? (Good work, Adrian.)

Anyway, so three things that hopefully you find interesting to know more about (and three things that have dragged me happily off-task yet again…): Crusher, Drawing Space, and REBAR. Hope you find them as gratifying as I have…and now, I’m back to work on whatever it was that I was supposed to be doing.

What was I doing?

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