It’s a hectic week ahead, mes amis. All good things, but definitely things that will keep me on my toes in the days to come. Blogging should be about #237 on the priority list of things to do, which is of course why I’m doing it first, in front of other tasks.

My Art Education seminar class at CCA started last week: we’re off today due to the holiday, but I’ve got a great deal of prep to do before we meet again next week. Between that and the Filipino Arts course I start teaching at USF this week, it’s kind of a dreamy set-up for subject matter I love working with. Can’t wait to see how both courses progress.

I was also supposed to be teaching a Drawing/Painting class at DVC this semester, but sadly, it got taken from me at the last minute (a full time professor’s course didn’t build, so she was forced to take over my same time-slot class instead). It’s unfortunate, since they/I had been looking forward to my working there, but I’ll likely teach there some other semester. Welcome to the perils of adjunct teaching!

While it’s something of a relief to suddenly have more free time to work on some upcoming shows I’ve got, the immediate drama that the loss of this gig has created is financial. Since I was counting on the DVC course to create a little financial stability at long last, I’m back at square one regarding some bill-paying. If you’ve got lecturing/subbing/design/illustration gigs for me, please let me know.

Also, my studio sale is ongoing, which I think some people were unaware of: email me if you’d like an updated pricelist. Sorry I can’t just publish my prices online: it would make things easier, but it’s dicey to do this in a year where I intend to find commercial representation. Basically, I can price my work lower since I’m selling it directly (no gallery commission), but I can’t afford to publicly undervalue it. Since I’m pricing stuff well below market value for original drawings, I have to contend with this awkward conundrum.

Anyway. Back to the work at hand that I’m avoiding so well thus far. Today I’m off to touch up my SoEx installation and to finish working on my Emergency Biennale contribution (more on that in my next post), tomorrow and Thursday I teach at USF. In between, I’m revising my CCA syllabus, and continuing to scan numerous texts for the Filipino Arts reader. Friday’s the Emergency Biennale reception, and Saturday’s the reception for MFA Selections at the Di Rosa Preserve in Napa. And to think that Kelsey and I were conspiring about our new club called the No-Work Club just yesterday!

Saturday, I was out at the Di Rosa Preserve, installing an excerpt from Point of Departure.


About 19-20 of the original 40 paintings will be exhibited. Since I’d unframed them and stashed them away after the BAM show closed in June, it’s been nice to reconsider the piece with fresh eyes, and rearrange the narrative composition a bit for this show.

The Preserve itself is idyllic: I’m looking forward to seeing more of the property this weekend. Hopefully, some of you make an excuse to take a day’s holiday out to the Napa Valley, and swing by the opening in the evening.
The Gatehouse Gallery at the Di Rosa is where our show is: the approach to the gallery offers a truly lovely view of the lake and the preserve. 52 acres of this loveliness, apparently.
The Gatehouse Gallery is situated right on the lake, with glass windows offering an insane view (you can see Renee Gertler’s amazing sculpture silhouetted in the shot above). Renee, Ali Dadgar, Chris Bell and I were all out there on Saturday, installing our work with curator Michael Schwager. Three cheers for relaxing installs in gorgeous surroundings!

OK. Have to get back to less gorgeous obligations and realities. More shortly. Short morely.

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