opening night

The opening was a serious party: tons of people turned out to see Chris’, Elaine’s, Bruce’s and my projects on Friday night. I didn’t even get a chance to say hi to half of my friends, it was so hectic: I’d catch someone’s eye in the blur, and then they’d be gone, or I’d be gone.

Had I actually gotten some sleep the night before, I might have had more festive energy: as it stood, by about 10 when the opening was over and everyone had moved on to raise more hell elsewhere, I was just exhausted and hungry and needing to be somewhere quiet. I didn’t go dancing! I didn’t even have a single drink! (I’m ready to go out and party now, but it’s Sunday afternoon, which isn’t the most optimal time for such a celebration. Maybe I’ll cut loose and have a Diet Coke or something. Or clean the house, since it’s been in chaos for a few weeks now. Or get on with the preparations I need to do for my CCA course which starts tomorrow evening. So, yeah. Party on…rage hard.)

Lee and Emily chopping it up in the in-between (MRG3′s pic):
Erika and Joe getting snap-happy at me:
me getting snap-happy (or snap-somethin’) at Erika and Joe (Joe’s photo):
Clam & Cousin Darcy emerge happily from John’s rear:
Weston, Dorothy, Ricky vamping it up:
Brizzle passes inspection (MRG3′s pic):
Barb and Anu do the Queen’s Guard thing in the detectors:

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