creeping closer

Lordy lordy. It’s after 1:30 am, and I’m still at the gallery. Chris Bell is here too, working on his piece. We’re both getting pretty punchy, but it’s nice hanging out with a fellow artist. I’m on my way home relatively early, nonetheless: was here until about 3 am last night, got in around 11 this morning, will be back here in about 8-9 hours.


It’s been insane, but truly a joy: so many folks have been helping out, making this installation come to life. Even if the piece falls on its ass, it’s been so, so wonderful feeling the support and sense of community. Friends, family, former students, volunteers who are now new friends: it’s been awesomely awe-inspiring, and the lovely ladies of SoEx have been soexxier than ever. There’s a looong list of people and to thank, but tonight I’m not quite coherent enough to do their generosity justice. Also, the Academy wants me offstage in 23 seconds. A longer, more reflective, gratitude-laden post will follow in a few days, but for now, I’m just trying to stay on target, and finish this piece. And that piece. And that one over there, too.

The opening is this Friday: please come. Between Chris and Elaine’s respective installations up front, my piece in back, and Bruce Tomb’s web archive, there are a wide range of complementary strategies addressing space rather serendipitously at play here.
See you kids there: I’ll be well-rested, not too deranged, and happy to see you!

Opening Reception:
Artist Projects by
Chris Bell, Elaine Buckholtz, Jenifer Wofford, Bruce Tomb
Jan 11, 7-9 pm (artist talks at 6:30 pm)


417 14th St (at Valencia) *note new address!!!!
San Francisco, CA 94103

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  1. kt Says:

    the pics you’ve been putting up look awesome. i wish i was in the bay to see the installation in person. break a leg!

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