the 31 to the 1

It’s been a lovely transition from 2007 to 2008: the whole thing will eventually become a pleasant blur of hours on end spent inside Southern Exposure, reveling in the luxury of a two-week installation window (gawd…SUCH a treat…). I’ve been there installing since Dec 26. The first few days were pokey, mostly just fumbling around and decision-making and getting distracted by having burritos within walking distance. Now I’ve got fabulous friends and volunteers and family showing up to help out, so we’re going into production mode, for reals.


I was in Southern Exposure until 6 pm on Jan 31, and was right back there again around 2 pm on the 1st. My sister, who knows about all things wonderfully restaurant-y, had called me up a couple of days before New Year, asking if P and I would like to go out to early dinner with her and some friends at a new restaurant called Conduit. As it turned out, not only was Conduit delicious, hip and brand-spankin’ nuevo, it was literally half a block away from Southern Exposure…I got dolled up in the SoEx bathroom, and stepped across the street to dinner.

Conduit’s so new that its website isn’t even up yet, but I found some promising reviews of it here on Yelp. The food was lovely and delicious (I’m not going to even begin to attempt a hack review of it), service was impeccable and personable, and the seven of us who went had the best time. Check it out if you’re curious: it was pretty great.


summer + 2 woffords


someone farted


shadow puppet hands


coffee klatsch

Got out of Conduit around 10:00, trotted back over to Southern Exposure to pick up some belongings and wish the SFers well, then zipped back over to the East Bay to hit up Patrick and Thea’s excellent NYE party in Oakland. As I am one of those superstitious folks who believes that what one is doing and who one is with at midnight informs the arc of the year to come, how could we resist a party invite that promised print-making, shrinky-dinks, and cocktails?



Patrick’s magic touch guides the beast

Gocco and shrinky-dink insanity into the wee hours…



And everyone got a special new year’s print that was made that night.

Hope you all are well and happy: I’m planning on 2008 being pretty epic, creative, fun and prosperous. Crap: did I already say that last year? Well, it never gets old…

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