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So some of you know that I’ve got a January solo project coming up in the back gallery at Southern Exposure‘s new digs. I am only just now going into full-fledged production mode, of course, but I’m getting pretty excited about it. I don’t want to ruin the fun by revealing too much about it here, but here’s an illustration I made this week that’s guiding the direction of the project:


As with the illustration I did for Monster Drawing Rally earlier this year, this drawing was hand-pencilled and brush-inked onto 11″x14″ bristol paper, then scanned and colored in Photoshop. Real painting is fun, but fake digital-painting has its moments, too. Less brush clean-up and gunk under the fingernails, that’s for sure.

I tend to make a bunch of sketches and drawings in my thinking-it-out process: this is an integral part of my art practice, whether this work gets seen or not. Since this upcoming show is primarily an installation with wall treatments and some simple sculptural objects, I’m not necessarily sure that I’ll even exhibit this drawing, or any of the other paperdoodles I’ve done! However, since SoEx’s lovely Maysoun Wazwaz requested something from me for publicity for the show, I figured that this image would be more useful for such purposes than some of my other messy scrawls, or pics of a pile of unready lumber, awaiting transformation.

The exhibition opens on January 11, and I am in seeerious need of friends, family and other amiable volunteers to help with the install. This is the first comprehensive solo installation I’ve done in a couple of years, and there is much painting of walls and some mild hammering and sanding to be done. If you have time/interest in helping out, and you don’t suck royally at painting, I would be very appreciative.

The primary window for helper-outers will be Jan 2-Jan 9, with (fingers crossed) minor touching-up only on the 10th. And then big fun party on the 11th! Let me know if you want to lend a hand. I can’t pay you, but I can feed you, and entertain you, and promise not to stick things in your ear. Add a comment to the blog, or email me directly if you’re into it!

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