someone’s having a studio sale…

It’s come to this. The Wofford holiday studio sale. Tadaah!


It’s nice that there have been a number of inquiries about purchasing my work recently. Studio visits aren’t always convenient, so I put together a small gallery of pages here on Wofflings of available original artwork for sale. Better it should go to you, than continue to languish in my studio. Better I should do this now, since I’ve been lagging on doing this forever…

All artworks are unframed small-ish works on paper. All are original, one-of-a-kind drawings (with the exception of the limited run of Chicksilog posters).

You can view the work, and get more information, in the new Gallery here.
This gallery and its sub-pages (nurse, inappropriate, etc) are also placed midway down the sidebar on the right.

If you want a copy of the pricelist, or if you have questions about the works, contact me at jkwofford at hotmail dot com.

You get the benefit of unique, well-priced original work.
I get the benefit of vital additional funding for my upcoming January solo project at Southern Exposure.
(See how well this works for both of us?)

Details are in the Gallery. Check it out.

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