35 years of kearny street badassedness

When I was still a wee anklebiter, making my way through the San Francisco Art Institute years ago, I first started hearing about the legendary Kearny Street Workshop, and its innovative program of art and community activism at the International Hotel and beyond. Later on, when I taught high school, I ended up becoming close with student Nicole Hsiang, whose parents were Kearny Street Workshop’s Nancy Hom and Bob Hsiang. Sometimes, when you’re constantly around something peripherally and familially like that, you forget that you aren’t actually involved: it’s only in the past couple of years that I’ve gone to more Kearny Street events, and participated in exhibitions there.

Lo and behold: Kearny Street Workshop is now 35 years old, even if it’s not on Kearny Street. But the I-Hotel has gone and returned, with a Manilatown Center in it, to boot, and they are on Kearny Street! To commemorate this amazing legacy, they are sponsoring a wonderful series of events and an exhibition entitled Activist Imagination.

The first Activist Imagination event is this Tuesday, November 27:

Kearny Street Workshop and Manilatown Heritage Foundation present
The Journey So Far: 35 Years of Activism
A discussion with Nancy Hom, Oscar Peñaranda, and Min Paek
Moderated by Alison Satake

Join Kearny Street Workshop, the Manilatown Heritage Foundation and a panel of activists, artists, and organizers for a compelling, honest, and dynamic discussion about activism, the arts and community.

The Journey So Far: 35 years of Activism features community activists, artists, and organizers Nancy Hom, Oscar Peñaranda, and Min Paek, and is moderated by author and writer Alison Satake. The discussion, which encourages questions and comments from attendees, will take a look at the last three and a half decades of activism and arts in our communities–what forms has activism taken? what methods have proven effective or ineffective? what lessons can we learn from looking back, and how can we find inspiration for the present and future of engaging in activity that effects real social and political change?

The Journey So Far is part of Kearny Street Workshop’s 35th anniversary program, Activist Imagination, a series of conversations with community activists and artists and an arts exhibition with visual artists Bob Hsiang, Christine Wong Yap, and Donna Keiko Ozawa. For more information about Activist Imagination, please click here.

The Journey So Far: 35 Years of Activism
Tuesday, November 27, 2007 @ 7 PM
International Hotel Manilatown Center, 868 Kearny Street, at Jackson, San Francisco, CA 94108
Free and open to the public.

For more information on Manilatown Heritage Foundation, please visit www.manilatown.org.
For more information on Kearny Street Workshop, visit www.kearnystreet.org
Join the conversation! Visit the Activist Imagination blog right here.

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