chomsky in a parking lot

Brandon Bird painted this over a year ago, but I’ve only just been introduced to it this week:


Signifier and Signified, 2006
oil on canvas

How did I live without knowing about this?

While Bird doesn’t usually paint eminent maestros of linguistics next to their fantasy vans, he’s pretty well-known for equally absurd compositions involving various pop-culture heroes. I’m a big fan of The Anguish (Michael Landon and a large squid), and No One Wants to Play Sega With Harrison Ford (self-explanatory). I might have to get the Law and Order Coloring Book for my sister for Christmas. Or, since I don’t really have the wall space for my own print of the image above, maybe it’s time to stock up on Chomsky greeting cards, at the very least…

My main criticism, if any? Bird paints mostly famous guys. I know the humor value seems a little higher, perhaps, but there are plenty of prominent lady celebrities, just needing a surreal painting generated about ‘em, too. There’s an Imelda Marcos painting just waiting to be birthed, for example.

Maybe I’m supposed to do that.

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