perhaps mildly exaggerated

This has just brightened my day enormously. Packard Jennings just sent out one of his intimate email blasts to friends, announcing the arrival of the public art posters he and Steve Lambert just completed and installed on Market Street in SF. The project’s title is “Wish You Were Here! Postcards From Our Awesome Future,” and the posters are effing awesome: a clever balance of civic engagement, utopian imagination, and straight-up goofiness. They will be up for four months.

the story:

Packard and Steve asked architects, city planners, and transportation engineers, “what would you do if you didn’t have to worry about budgets, bureaucracy, politics, or physics?” Ideas from these conversations were then merged, developed, and perhaps mildly exaggerated by Steve and Packard to create a series of 6 posters for the San Francisco Arts Commission’s Art on Market Street Program.

Love the “perhaps mildly exaggerated“. Here are a few samples of the posters.

Commuter zip-line across the Bay:


PJ and Steve imagine a new, improved BART:

how the Market Street posters look at night:

Small prints from this series will be available soon. Interested? Steve will be sending out a notice on his mailing list when they are ready: sign up here. And a panel discussion about the future of San Francisco presented by the San Francisco Arts Commission and Livable City is being planned for January. Sign up on the mailing list, use the rss feed, or check back for details.

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