goldie hawn

Last night was a blast. The kind people of the SF Bay Guardian put together an amazing shindig last night for the Goldies Awards: I really didn’t know what to expect, but it was a total treat: truly festive, very funny, totally vibrant.

This morning, I woke up feeling a really tremendous sense of gratitude: I’ve been getting a lot of reminders lately about the importance of generosity, and the Guardian offers this up when they give these awards. Yes, you could say I’m biased since I GOT one of the awards, but the feeling is really about not wanting to take any of this for granted, and to really appreciate these things. The Guardian doesn’t have to give these awards, and throw a party on top of it, but it does. It has taken the time and energy to honor local talent in the arts for nineteen consecutive years now. It felt so great to be in that room last night with all sorts of other creative people, and realize that our work is actually honored. Most of us do this work without much expectation of public reward or recognition, so when we actually get it, it feels fantastic. The generosity of spirit behind the event last night, and the enthusiasm the writers all put into the pieces they wrote for the Goldies, all added up to a serious case of the warm fuzzies.

Beyond the pleasant coincidence of Galleon Trader Mike Arcega and I getting awards the same year, the Guardian had the good sense to give the Lifetime Achievement Award to Creative Growth Art Center. I’ve had so many friends work there, I have friends who are clients there, and I even worked there occasionally years ago, that it felt like the awards were a family affair! It was so nice to getting to witness them get the accolades they deserve, and to get to be in the audience hooting and hollering for them as well.

Onwards to the embarrassing photos. Photos of our late-eve silliness on the dance floor remain mercifully out of reach, so this ridiculousness will have to suffice.


Mike, Eliza and I: very excited to be reunited


EBX, Pirate, Clam, taken by some photographer from “Napkin Nights”…huh?


Heeeeres Johnny Ray Huston, getting the awards ceremony started…


Zombies! Creative Growth’s Michael, Jennifer and Ann looking suspiciously undead alongside Tom


Marga Gomez extols the virtues of vusual art


Zombie convention! Trying to stop thinking about eating peoples’ brains


Woffords squatting and sitting and eating brains


We won!!!!!!!! (pic courtesy of sisig)

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