Even Bindlestiff-er.

Frankus just emailed me a few more ridiculous pictures from the Bindlestiff panel discussion last week.





In other Bindlestiff news, the Studio, in solidarity with women around the world, has an upcoming show entitled “The Fountain of Youth is a 16 Ounce Jar of Vaseline,” which pokes fun at the value of youth, monogamy, and hormonal imbalances. Principal writers include Gayle Romasanta, Samantha Chanse, Lorna Velasco and Rhoda Gravador, with performances by Aureen Almario, Andrea Almario, Kat Evasco, Maggie Suarez, Nicole Maxali and Jamie Nallas. It runs on weekends, March 15-31. I’m planning on checking it out: if anyone wants to go with, lemme know.

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