Out of TimeSpace

Whew. What does it mean that I’m posting this at 8 am on the day of the event?


When I got marginally involved with the ‘Visuality and Alterity’ working group at Berkeley last year, little did I know it would turn out such an intense, comprehensive conference a few months later! I had earnest intentions to help out with the symposium more, but what with, oh, having already GRADUATED, it ended up boiling down to a couple of graphic design jobs (such as creating the poster above), and general shuttling of peoples and foods. I’m still looking forward to the event immensely, however.

If you’re looking for something smart, entertaining and complex to do this weekend, please come to the Out of TimeSpace events at both UC Berkeley and SFAI. Galleonista Johanna Poethig presents today, and Galleon Traders Stephanie Syjuco, Johanna Poethig, and yours truly present on Saturday. Should be good dialogic fun!

To read more about Out of TimeSpace, click here.

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  1. Marco Says:

    Dang, I sooo wish I was there!!! This is some seriously SEXY stuff. Will you tell me all about it? Or will there be a CD-ROM of conference proceedings available??

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