Monster Drawing Rally revisited

Well, the magical white cord finally returned from its vacation to god-knows-where, and I was able to successfully transfer some pics over to my laptop. Voila: last Friday’s Southern Exposure-sponsored shenanigans at the Verdi Club:


MDR 2007  in full swing: the Verdi Club was a gorgeous venue. I don’t know how the other artists felt, but I’d love to see the event return there next year. Crowded, happy, art-nerdy mayhem, with fancy lights, to boot.


The Mikes in action.


Emily, PJ, Mike A, Mike H, Ricci, me


You know, you’re just not a serious artist without a halter dress, sez two of us…

Afterwards, a crew of us ended up at the Ritespot, where the pens and paper came right back out again:



This time, it was all hands on deck: MDR artists and non-MDR artists alike. Drawing is fun, and far more social than people give it credit for. Try hanging out and just drawing with friends. It’s a lot less boring than drawing alone.

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