from the backyard to the sideyard

Sunday nite dinner, au chez Wofford Pere et Mere:

Wofford: “Hey. Who’s Mom on the phone with?”

Wofford Dad: “Your Aunt Jane.”

Wofford: “Oh. Say hi to her for me!”

Wofford Mom (now off phone): “Aunt Jane knows about everything you’ve been up to! She reads your–what’s it called again? Blog.”

Wofford Sister: “You have a blog?”

Wofford Dad: “Yes. What’s that all about?”

For some folks, blogging is precisely what they don’t want their families knowing about. It’s private, there are pseudonyms involved, etc etc. For others, it seems to be the best way for their families and other interested parties to keep up with what they’re doing, particularly if time and distance are issues.

For mine…hmm. Well, I didn’t start woffling in order to keep my relatives and other extended F&Fs informed, but I’m finding it really charming that they’re interested enough to check in. And I’m finding it hilarious that my poor nuclears, who see me more than any other family members, are strangely in the dark about the whole endeavor. Dear old Pops Woff remarked, upon initially spending time perusing the pre-blog Wofflehouse, said that he learned more about me and my art through my website than in all the years I’ve been an artist. I’m not sure if that’s an indictment of my general communication skills, or praise at my web communication skills. In any case, it’s funny, the ongoing push-pull of intimacy and conversations we have with our families, and how the web mediates that in all sorts of fun ways. And extra-funny that neither Dad, Mom nor Camille have quite gotten the memo about the blog. Well, maybe now.

Having entered the blogging fray super-late, mostly I just expected folks to roll their eyes when I threw my wordpress-embossed hat into the ring. But it’s really nice, and still quite unexpected, when folks tell me that they actually follow it. I started woffling initially because I figured it was about time to step it up a bit in terms of having my voice heard in an immediate way, and having a venue to rep for friends, causes, and other art stuff that I felt needed a little bit more of an internuts breadcrumb trail for others to follow. And while I like being personal on this forum to degrees, I feel a little ill about the tendencies to divulge too much, and live too publicly, that the web enables.

Anyway. On to to other things and updates in the next couple of posts. The Wofford family sitcom was just too funny last night not to reflect on. (And Aunt Jane, hate to break it to you: you’re not alone. There are at least 4 others who read this. But they’re not the aforementioned bloodtypes).

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