Ang Pamana in San Diego

Just in time for Halloween!

If you’re feeling a little empty inside this October, and you keep wishing for a good, scary, campy, Filipino-Canadian balikbayan horror film in your state of autumnal melancholy, well, wash those blues away, my friends:

Romeo Candido, Manila-based Fil-Canadian direktor par excellence, is screening his feature film “Ang Pamana: The Inheritance“, at the San Diego Asian Film Festival tonight, as well as on the 14th. Go see it! It was screened in SF earlier this year at the SF Asian American Film Festival, but I missed it. I’ve seen it since, courtesy of Romeo himself, so now I’m on a mission to make sure that the fest of you folks learn a thing or two about why it’s a really bad idea to mess with duwende, manananggal, and kapre. (And don’t tell me you’ve already seen too many duwende-manananggal- kapre genre films involving Fil-Canadians, already. I’ll know you’re lying.)


The trailer’s here. Man, I’ve got to figure out how to embed YouTube in this blog.


If you’re not, for whatever dubious reason, actually in San Diego right now, consider this your pre-Halloween-y excuse to go track down a screening/copy somewhere. Come to think of it, does anyone want to host a pre-Halloween screening of it in the Bay Area? I know of at least two Galleon Traders in possession of the DVD (myself being one of them), since we all lived with Romeo in Manila this past summer. Let me know!

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