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It’s been a strange fall thus far, given all the sputtering and such here at wofflings: in trying to explain to folks where I’m at, I’m beginning to realize that it’s kind of mimicking the trouble I had describing my first few months of grad school: stuff’s happening and growing, but it’s kind of like being pregnant. (Or so I hear. Not that I plan to find out. But shout-outs to Dobras, Dumesnil, and any of my other friends who’ve gone through the real deal.) Anyway, it’s gestation, as far as I can tell: it’s not quite here yet, and it’s kind of weird describing something interior. Some woff beasts are slouching towards bethlehem to be born, but nothing’s popped out of any chambers officially yet. And let’s not take that Yeats allusion too far. And while I do get snacky cravings, I think that’s different.

I turned down some pretty cool fall job opps because I had plans to be in and out of town too much to commit to them. The financial reality turned out to be that I, er, couldn’t afford to be in and out of town as much as I’d deluded myself. This has led to an entertaining series of escapades involving Wofford getting her hustle on: substitute-teaching at Leadership High School, the odd lecture here and there, a few small graphic design gigs, selling drawings to friends. I’ve been trawling craiglist for opps: selling random stuff from my house, and looking for one-off work gigs. I found a posting which paid me to drive a Hindu priest round-trip from Oakland to Napa to officiate at a wedding. In a week or two, I might be getting photographed for some calendar on motorcycling women. And then I might have to sell my bike, ironically, to pay some bills. I might be tutoring, as well as becoming an ad hoc college counselor. There’s a lot of randomness happening, but it’s pretty fun, actually. If you have a random (paying. paying) job for me, let me know. The random-mer, the better.

Beyond some scraping and reorganizing of my post-grad-school life, some cool artsy stuff’s been coming down the pipe (pipeline?) that is forcing me out of randomness, and into more focused action, right about now. It’s kind of amazing how a little minute of stasis can make it feel like momentum will never pick up again, but all it takes is a little bit of wind in one’s sails to move on from the doldrums”┬ŽSo. I’m going down to Santa Barbara in a couple of weeks to give a lecture, and do some MFA studio visits, at the invitation of UCSB’s Kim Yasuda. And I’m speaking in Kelsey Nicholson and Jason Jagel’s class at CCA, as well as in Greg Choy’s class at UC Berkeley, this fall as well.

And I’m finally about to start cranking away in the studio again, so prepare yourselves (all 3 of you) for more process-based artsy wankery! I’ve got a solo show at Southern Exposure’s new 14st Street SF digs in January (I’m in the back space, the mighty Chris Bell has a solo project in the front space), and I’m also in the second MFA Biennial at the DiRosa Preserve, in Napa, the same month. There’s still the installation in YBCA to fully flesh out this spring, plus Patricia Maloney has just asked me to participate in a group show at the SF Arts Commission Gallery that she’s curating. And I’m officially teaching (assuming that my courses build) at CCA, USF, and DVC come January, as well. So all of a sudden, I’m busy! So stay tuned, loyal readers. Action-packed drama, soon to unfold!

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