August 19

Yeah. I know. Running behind. However, it’s a special date.

August 19 is the birthday of Ogden Nash, Coco Chanel, Orville Wright, Malcolm Forbes, Gene Roddenberry, Jill St John, Tipper Gore, Jonathan Frakes, John Stamos, and Lil’ Romeo, to name a few.

It’s also the birthday of Presidents Manuel Quezon and Bill Clinton.

And, most importantly, it’s also Mike Arcega and Jenifer Wofford’s birthday!


(photo courtesy of Sisig Syjuco)

Mike and I only figured this out last year, and so we had our first joint birthday sesh in 2006. A small group of us met up just past midnight on the 19th. We went to Li Po, in Chinatown, and then to My Canh, my fave V-N joint, so that I could order my favorite dish, #35, on my #35.

Arcega and Woff tearing off the 18 at My Canh, 2006:


Woff and Arcega celebrating European cookie brands, 2006: (and what does it mean that these cookies are brown on the outside, white on the inside, hmmm?)


This year, most of the Galleon Traders (and the folks that love/put up with them) converged upon Johanna and Chris’ house for a mini-reunion/birthday party. Since I had just gotten back from Manila the night before, it was wonderful to see everyone again, and to trade stories, and horse around and catch up. Johanna and Chris were amazing hosts, cooking up all of this amazing Filipino food, and even baking a pineapple upside-down cake, complete with little Jenifer and Mike paper galleons!


Mike and Stephanie, glowing strangely:


Christine, making halo-halo with the fancy Fly-Snow(tm):


Ken Lo, Mike Yap, Emily, Rick, Mike all b-balling (check out the street sign behind the post):


When cake-time came, Mike and I got into position on the floor to race each other to the candles.


What you see in Mike’s face below is his reaction to one of the paper Galleons catching on fire because of the candles:


Galleon Traders, Traderettes, and Trader-lovers:


Since Sunday evening birthday parties are notoriously rowdy, it was only a matter of time before someone busted out the balloon-animal inflater-thing, and started making sculptures.


Aw, yeah. That’s how we roll, here in Cali.

Ken Lo, being ornamented by George and Suzanne. (photo from Stephanie)


Stephanie (on behalf of the GT-ers) presented me with the sweetest album of Galleon Trade photos:



(pic ctsy Stephanie) Awwww…I love it!
It was a perfect home-coming: we’re all so stuck on each other now, given the experiences we shared in Manila. Vocab lesson! Your words for the day, that all of the Galleon Traders seem stuck on, in the best ways: bayanihan, and communitas.

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