Transtructural at Johansson Projects

OK, starting to return to earth a bit. Well, the east bay, at least. Technically, that’s not earth, though.

Lest anyone think that Manila is the only independent, DIY, artsy community near to my heart, I really need to put a shout-out here for Oakland Art Murmur, and its ongoing First Friday events. While the Art Murmur is sometimes a bit too much of a dog-and-pony-show for me (the boundaries between “community” and “scene” can be unclear at times, but that’s prolly true everywhere), for the most part it’s an extraordinary, community-building, creative monthly event, and almost always makes for good art-viewing, people-watching, and friends-into-bumping.

Two folks whose work I admire, Amanda Hughen and Michael Meyers, are exhibiting at Kimberly Johansson’s new space, Johansson Projects, here in Oakland. The show opens today, but will have a second reception during next Friday’s Art Murmur.

Here’s the propaganda:


Johansson Projects announces Transtructural, featuring the work of Amanda Hughen and Michael Meyers, whose drawings and sculpture present a universe of architectural and biological fantasy, both dissolving geometry into ambiguous organic forms. In layered, expansive, translucent compositions, Hughen drafts events on mylar that are both geologic and cellular. The surreal sculptures and ink works of Meyers are a reflection on the physicality of sound and speech. Abstract and crafted, the artists’ work attempts to capture moments of creation and generation, intertwining forces sexual, spoken, biologic, and stellar.

Transtructural: Aug 30-Oct 4 Opens Thurs, Aug. 30th, 6-9
Encore for Art Murmur on Fri, Sept. 7th, 5-9

Johansson Projects is at 2300 Telegraph Avenue, Oakland, CA
(510) 444-9140
Open: Thurs-Sun 12-6 and by appointment.

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