Before I get back to Manila’s wonders, I’ll throw in a handful of the rest of the vacation pics. P and I came back to Manila for one night to go to the opening of Mawen Ong’s new gallery and design store, mo_space (more on that later), then left punishingly early the next morning (4:45 am on a hangover) for the only daily flight to El Nido, Palawan.

The flight from Manila stopped for about 20 minutes in Coron, where we all got off the plane and wandered around on the runway for awhile. Cause that’s just what you do in Coron.


(It was about 8 am on aforementioned hangover.)

The flight from Coron to little El Nido was another 40-ish minutes, where we arrived at what is, as far as I’m concerned the greatest airport I’ve ever been at in the entire world.


After tumbling off of our 18-seater, we wandered over to the arrival hut, and past the airport’s hammock garden:



Whereupon we took a 45 minute banca ride into the out-of-your-gourd beautiful Bacuit Archipelago, and the Dolarog Resort (this view, from the porch of our cottage):




Each day we went out on banca trips to various islands in Bacuit:






The problem with blogging from the Philippines is that it feels consistently impossible to articulate the utterly, surreally beautiful, over-the-top wonders this place has offered up this trip. Not so bad as an exercise in futility, though, actually. Thank goodness for photos, which hopefully fill in some of the jaw-droppers. And even the photos suck, compared to actually being there.

Every other image I took felt like somewhere I’d been dreaming up images from for a long, long while. A number of places felt like scenes straight out of the Point of Departure series I’ve been working on.

More photos still to come.

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