So I’m back in Manila now, after a good little vacation. The last of the other Galleon Traders, Megan, leaves tonight, so it’s just me here until the 18th…

Pirate and I took a few days and went to Boracay: gorgeous as ever, a bit stormy on the weather front, but a good place to begin to decompress from Manila–not too slow, not too fast.
Despite how ever over-run with package tourists and concrete it’s gotten, Boracay miraculously still manages to preserve its charm. It’s the kind of place you can keep hyper-actively sporty-busy at, party yourself silly at, or just chill out and do nothing at, without there being too much of a conflict. It’s definitely gotten a bit pricier as the luxury resorts have started muscling in, but it’s still tolerable.

We stayed at Francis Tayengco’s place, Angol Point, where I’ve stayed on previous trips: it’s just far enough out of reach of the nuttiness to be peaceful, and it’s right on the beach.


Breakfast and the best mango shakes in the world were next door, beach-side, at Blue Mango.



Yay, hotsilog breakfast!!

Hey Jude in the evenings had decent cocktails and a great DJ, even when it was pouring rain one night:


I think that this might actually be my last trip to Boracay, but I’d still recommend it for most folks. It really helps to know where to stay, and how hectic that area is.

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