what I’ve been up to over here.

Gawd. Where to begin?

Sorry for the information blackout, kids. It’s been a little hectic, internationally speaking.


I left the U.S. on July 13, arrived in Manila July 15. Eliza transferred over to Malate from where she was staying with family in Quezon City, and after settling in, we began the process of preparing for Galleon Trade. The shot above is in Rizal Park, about a 15 minute walk from where we are.

We’re staying in Carlos Celdran’s Malate space, The Living Room, about a block from Roxas Boulevard. The sunsets are gorgeous, evening strolls along the waterfront are divine. We’re definitely in work-mode now, so it’s not quite the holiday I’m making it out to be, but it’s still gorgeous, and I love it, so I gotta give mention.




(You know you’ve reached the US Embassy on Roxas, when you hit the prison-like fence, and the Sentry guards are armed to the teeth.)


Got a custom-embroidered Galleon Trade visor: soo gangsta. Really.
Email me if you want me to pick something embroidered up for you.

So after a few days in Manila, I LEFT. For Malaysia, for my former student Sean’s wedding there. Utterly amazing: small Muslim Malay ceremony in Sean’s mom’s family home in Muar. Followed by an afternoon reception with heartbreakingly good Malaysian food. Followed by an evening dinner reception with more of the same, plus entertainment. Followed by an evening Indian-style weddding celebration in Shah Alam. Followed by an epic, final wedding reception at a hotel in Kuala Lumpur.





Totally amazing, totally fun. Sean and Zuhra’s families were just the best, and the fact that there were a few other Leadership High school escapees there made all of the connections that much more fun. Little did I know 8 years ago when these guys were making my hair stand on end as a teacher, that I’d end up at a Malaysian wedding with them, all of us having the time of our lives…

Sunday, I ripped myself away from all the fun in Malaysia, and hustled my way back to the Philippines, where a whole truckload of Galleon Traders (Mike, Stephanie, Reanne, Megan, Johanna and Chris, Christine, Jaime, Claire) had arrived in my absence. Peewee of Green Papaya Art Projects hosted a welcome dinner for us that night.


Monday was installation with Rock and crew for the first Galleon Trade show, which then opened on Tuesday (last night):



And with that, I’ll direct you over to the Galleon Trade site, where there are a few more photos.

Today is Wednesday: this afternoon, a few of us are participating in a roundtable discussion at the University of Santo Tomas, so I need to get hustling on preparing for that. Gina Osterloh just flew in from LA this morning, which means the fellowship of the galleon is complete. She’s taking a recuperative nap, so we’ll work out the fun later. It’s also Christine Wong Yap‘s birthday (!!!!) which we’ll be celebrating with her here, so if you know her, send her a big Happy Birthday!!!

I’m feeling like things are squared away enough here to start posting again, so check back in. More mayhem and hijinks to follow!

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