rub a dub dub

My living room has a mountain of amazing art in it, and four massive red plastic ice-drink tubs.
Not to brag.
They’re pretty nice tubs. You could bathe in them.
Next time you see them, they’ll be filled with beer.

So, yes, just a few more days until Ship Launch! does its launch-y thing, and my house is the repository for many of the goods. Conceptually, I guess that makes West Oakland a port of call on our journey.

I think Ship Launch! is gonna be big! Christine Wong Yap had the presence of mind to send out press releases for our event, and so we’ve been getting interviews/mentions/calendar hits from KPFA/Apex Express, the SF Bay Guardian, the Chronicle’s 96 Hours section, Laughing Squid, Fecal Face…there’s a couple more. I forget. In any case, it’s shaping up to be a really great party.

My darling friend since high school, Joe Franko, not only agreed to DJ, but his friend Joe Quixx wanted in on the fun, too. These two are NO JOKE. I can’t wait. (Damn, I want people to dance. I don’t care if the sun’s not down yet.)


The nice thing about the Tribune Press Building is also that we’ve been given use of 3 adjoining storefronts, so that the serious music-heads will have a room to booty-shake in, the food/drink will live safely in another, and the art gallery will be in another. The doors will be posted to allow folks to flow back and forth between spaces easily so that no one feels segregated, but I do hope that the slight separations between storefronts will encourage folks to enjoy each space differently. Sometimes in auction events, folks aren’t quite sure whether they can cut loose or not. Hopefully our set-up takes care of that.

The Online Preview Gallery for the auction is now complete. Please check it out! I was gonna update the post below with the remaining artists, but it’s easier to just send you over to the source on Galleon Trade‘s site.

So a couple of folks have actually already begun bidding on work! This is very exciting! I don’t wanna get too wound up just yet, but it’s thrilling for me. It took so frickin’ long to put the online thing together, I’m really hoping that its two primary purposes (1, to encourage bidders, 2, to amp up artists’ web presence) will turn out well on both fronts.

Dinner-time now. It’s hot. I want sushi.

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