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May was more about hosting and roosting, sort of. I was finally something like busy with design and illustration work, but still home alone a lot, which was miserable. But! The great SuperGavazza came to visit for a few days, and then Conn and Anděl miraculously returned to Prague on their round-the-world adventure. Neither visit was well-documented by yours truly, which is why you get Giuseppe’s backside at the Vyšehrad cemetery, and 4 people doing all 4 Chicken “dances” from Arrested Development:

It should be noted that Connal was something of a missionary for the Arrested Development television series when he and Anjel came through in November 2009, and swiftly made converts of us savages. By the time that they returned in May, we were full acolytes. If you’ve not yet heard the gospel (e.g., this photo makes no sense), we can send Connal your way.

On a totally unrelated, un-segueway-able note, another lovely thing in May was a community arts event called Blox, which Pavla invited me to. It was a great little festival situated out in one of Prague’s rougher areas, which incorporated some inventive use of shipping containers as gallery spaces, and arts and crafts activities both inside and outside for the community.

Meanwhile, on the reality front, the graphic design and illustration work had been coming in, but I finally had to come to terms with the fact that both the P and I would go crazy if I continued to be home alone all the time, so at the end of the month, I picked up an extra, exceedingly odd, part-time job. The upshot, despite its craziness? Getting to work in one of the loveliest parts of the city.

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