galleons and galleons…

not “billions and billions”…

I think that that’s what Carl Sagan meant to say, anyway.

Another big day of artsy administrative shenanigans: more posts to the Galleon Trade online gallery, some work on a couple of grants, and a meeting at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts regarding a small project I’ll be doing there early next year (no, not Muppet related).

The Galleon Trade fund-raiser is doing what every big project does to me: it’s starting to stress me out massively, but it always turns out successfully in the long run. Part of being a worrywart is that you spend a lot of time anticipating disaster, and are then pleasantly surprised when it turns out fine. In the case of this project, I’m also surrounded by a ton of folks who are both generous and enormously capable, which makes this all seem so much more manageable. I’m super grateful to all of the folks who have donated time and art and talent thus far: our most recent sign-on is the ever-amazing Joe Franko, who has graciously agreed to DJ our event. (Booty-shakers, prepare thineselves for his wrath. Wear good shoes.)

Right now, my big concern is that with an art auction that’s turning out to be waay more amazing and ambitious that I expected is having enough collectors come to the event. Either way, we’re gonna have one hell of a party, and either way, folks who attend will get to enjoy looking at the art that night. Bidding on and buying art is, of course, what will help pay our galleon-ic bills in a big way. See, it’s one thing to host an art auction when the venue is an established art space with built-in art supporters: it’s a little trickier when the venue (and the organization) is a little nebulous or new, like we are. We’re getting the word out, but there’s no telling yet whether this is paying off. Well, we still have some time…do me a favor, and spread the word, and come to the event, OK?

Christine Wong Yap is going to be the mouthpiece for Galleon Trade on KPFA this Thursday, which is an awesome opportunity to get us on the radar of a ton of folks. (I will be in LA on other GT-related business, so I don’t get to run my mouth off on air. Anyway, Christine is so smart, and effortlessly graceful, and infinitely less likely to inadvertently swear on live radio. You go, gal…leon.) Tune in to Apex Express on 94.1 KPFA this Thursday night, from 7 to 8 pm!

OK. The sleep-thing is looming. I’m on my third yawn of this post (dang: am I really that boring, even to me?), so I’m going to go trundle off to bed now.

Memo to self: remember to stop writing posts after midnight.

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