Preface to these 12 posts, here.

Despite the fact that much of my Italian riviera reverie was funded, what little money I had still found a way to disappear there, anyway (shocking, I know!), and I despaired of getting to go anywhere again for awhile. Bu-u-t, it turned out, that the Berlin that I’d avoided for so long because I thought it would be expensive turned out not to be, so the P and I went up there around Easter, where everything I rambled about and documented here finally became irresistibly, accessibly, clear to me for the first time.

(doing my best Travolta strut somewhere in Mitte. Minivans! Shorts with socks! TV Towers! Yeah!)

Meanwhile, back in Prague, the lovely Angela invited the P and I on what was described as an “A Line Pub Crawl”, which was at times more like a scavenger hunt, as certain metro stops on Prague’s A metro line didn’t have anything resembling a pub, so as the night wore on and the crawlers thinned out or became incapacitated, it became more and more difficult to even find a venue. (We joined rather late, so we didn’t get the full brunt of the punishment). I’m not much of a beer drinker, but I do like a nice random adventure, and the evening turned out to be exactly, wonderfully, that. And again: this whole “friends” thing? Having people to do something–anything–with? It’s something to always appreciate. And I appreciate Angela for so many reasons for this. This woman is the consummate hostess/sheep-wrangler: really excellent about inviting, organizing, fun-making in many, many ways.

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