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As with February, March is an already-well-rhapsodized month here on Wofflings, but here are more pics of the things that Italy can do for one’s soul, anyway: as the weather got better and better, the Bogliasco Fellows took more and more excursions, and tried less and less to resist temptation.

(that’s my Bogliasco villa-mate, Doug, expressing how we felt about visiting the town of Camogli.)

San Fruttuoso:


The pleasure of digging into a bathtub of tiramisu, and helping oneself to as much as seems right/obscene:

Inside the mysterious, perfect, Viganotti chocolate shop, in Genoa:

One of my favorite people ever, friend and former Bogliasco Fellow SuperGavazza, comes to visit Bogliasco (and Joy listens):

Happy with the other Fellows:

Sad without the other Fellows (I was the last one to leave, and ate alone on my last night):

It was a pretty rough reentry to Prague after having been in an artist’s fantasyland: given how lovely Prague is, I know what a disgraceful jerk I seem like when I re-read my own whine, but I definitely went through a pretty nasty briar patch, not knowing what to do with myself next, or how to even begin to match the intensity of the highs I felt in Italy. Worry not, gentle readers. Eventually, a Woffle always finds the butter and syrup.

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