Galleon Trade: it’s on

So one of the other things that was preventing me from posting last week was the fact that I was pulling all manner of things together for Galleon Trade. Expect a number of posts on the matter, since it’s only a bit over a month until the exhibitions in Manila occur. The exhibitions open July 24, 26 and 28!  Galleon Trade not only has a fantastic, fully fleshed-out website now, it also has its own news/propaganda blog, too! More personal (within reason, ahem) content will remain here at Wofflings, however.


As usual, mad props go out to Max LaRiviere-Hedrick for his phenomenal web skills and patience with various Woffords.

So: what can I tell you? I bought my plane ticket for Manila at long last this week, which makes things about as official as it gets. I get there on July 15th: over 2/3rds of the artists are also coming around the same time. It’s absolutely unbelievable that it’s finally happening, and that so many folks are committed to being there, too. At this point, officially confirmed to go are Reanne Estrada, Eliza Barrios, Johanna Poethig, Gina Osterloh, Mike Arcega, Lucy Burns, Eric Reyes, but a few others simply have to purchase their tickets to officially put them on the list. It’s seriously a dream come true. And we also added a final artist to the Galleon Trade roster, Rick Godinez, making the number of artists a dirty dozen!

There’s a lot of stuff that will come together in the next few weeks, not least of which is Galleon Trade: Ship Launch!, a fund-raising launch party on Saturday, June 30. Thanks to Frankus the miracle worker, the party’s going to be in the Tribune Press Building storefronts in downtown Oakland, right by 12th St BART, which makes it really easy to get to. It’s gonna be super-fun!


Galleon Trade was awarded two nice little grants, but given last-minute travel expenses with so many folks committed to going, we are still under budget. In order to protect all of the folks in Galleon Trade who are ponying up their own cash to be part of the Manila experience, and to set standards high for when we host phase two in 2008, it just seemed right to put a fun event together to kick this thing off in style, while also minimizing the financial burdens we’re under.

Given a post I wrote in the past about the tricky nature of art auctions as fund-raisers, I was conflicted about pushing forth with a silent art auction for our own event. I’ve put some parameters in place, however: a modest auction of small works on paper or limited edition multiples, so that entry-level collectors have an authentic way in, serious collectors still have something good to chew on, and artists are protected from having their magnum opi (opuses?) devalued through under-bidding. I’m also putting together an online gallery on the news blog, so that folks can preview or proxy bid on work, making us less dependent on party attendees. And… since I’ve regularly donated work to many, many auctions myself, I’ve had to acknowledge that artists do enjoy supporting their friends and the organizations that they believe in by donating work.

Anyway, that’s enough for now. There are a slew of updates for Ship Launch! soon to follow, including recreation and refreshment details, as well as the preview online gallery of all artists participating in the event. Please tell your friends and family about it: we’d love to see you all there on June 30.

Galleon Trade: Ship Launch!
Saturday, June 30
6:00-10:00 pm (auction ends at 9:00 pm)
Tribune Press Building
410 12th Street (between Broadway and Franklin)
Downtown Oakland

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