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How To Make Art With
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Around December 10, CHATSILOG, Mail Order Brides/M.O.B.‘s collaborative piece with Carlos Villa will open at Green Papaya Art Projects in Quezon City!

Despite my love of all things “-silog“, I didn’t choose the title this time, I swear. But for an iChat-inspired project that was only possible through the miracles of video chat and built-in cameras, it just seemed to work. And considering all the time zones involved with this project, it’s highly probable that it’s always breakfast time for someone

The show was originally scheduled for Nov 1, so we finished work on the project early (if uninentionally so), for a change. There will be some installation updates later once it’s actually in Green Papaya, but since the work is fresh on my mind, here are some deets.

This is the first new project that the Brides have done since 2005, it’s the first time we’ve collaborated with Carlos, and it’s the first time we’ve made a piece without being in each other’s actual physical presences. While we’ve spent years concocting highly impractical projects to execute, the challenges of this project were in a whole new category. Still, all of the video chats we’ve logged over the past month have been hilariously good fun, and it’s just been so heartening seeing Reanne, Eliza and Carlos, if in mediated form. I miss ‘em all something awful.

We went from a serious of initial discussions like this:

To conversations like this:

While chatting in iChat, we constructed a sort of loopy narrative of actions amongst the 4 of us, which we also recorded  individually in Photobooth. (We are not topless, BTW. Just costume-less, since our super-hero outfits are in storage in California.)

All of the individual Photobooth files were then emailed to me, so that I could edit them into 4 linked videos. I lost Final Cut Pro when my last hard drive failed, so I edited the whole thing in (shudder) iMovie. Which, after re-learning it a bit, wasn’t so bad, actually.

Syncing all 4 films up without FCP, however, was a bit challenging: I would have to export the vids and then open them as individual quicktimes, to ensure that they were syncing up with each other accurately.

I often return to this quote  from my very first blog entry here on Wofflings, as I think Emily Ignacio helped provide some inspiration for this project:

Emily Noelle Ignacio’s “Building Diaspora” (Rutgers, 2005) describes how Filipinos widely scattered around the world, have embraced the internet as a way to develop connections, community and a stronger sense of self-identity. She identifies the multiple modes in which it’s contributed to creating a more concrete sense of the Filipino diaspora, how it has helped Filipinos better understand and articulate their postcolonial situation, as well as their relationship with other communities around the world. Moving beyond, or perhaps complementing Yen Le Espiritu’s definitions of “home” (Homebound, 2003), Ignacio suggests that while “home” is ever further removed from geographic place, it is being increasingly territorialized and renegotiated in cyberspace.

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