Kara Hearn

For viewers who go to see Fermata, there are brochures (more like mini-books) that offer a sample image and brief statement about the work from each artist in the exhibition. I thought folks who can’t make it to the show/didn’t get a brochure might appreciate access to the info here.

Below is Kara Hearn‘s text and original image: I love the image that’s in the brochure, but this one was used in some of BAM’s advertising, instead. It hasn’t been seen to the extent I think it deserves, so I stuck it in here:

I have never written a fan letter before. My mom calls you an unlikely star. To me you are tragedy and awkwardness metabolized in solitude. Somehow that comes out funny. I like absurd heroes. I have a dream life with you. I make work about the way tragedies reside in the head; the way heroisms play out in the mind’s eye, the inside place where stories get conjured, dreamed, remembered. I work completely alone. Somehow it comes out funny. I keep thinking about this thing I read. To live is to feel oneself lost. That feels right to me. If I ran into you I would probably be too nervous to talk to you. Maybe I would say, You’re really great. How do you do it? I make movies too. I end up degrading mainstream cinema by being too sincere, too simple, telling too many stories, with very little stuff. I like the idea of killing it in a way that makes something more. I love movies. I can’t seem to get enough to eat today, Steve. Do you ever feel that way? If I ran into you I would want you to do the talking. I haven’t had any dreams about you, but I’d like to. I have never felt the need to write a fan letter before.

p.s.- I have enclosed a drawing of Darth Vader crying that I thought you might like.

-kara hearn

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