GHOTCZ: #9: Cubes

One of my favorite things about these summery months in the Ceezy has been all of the sidewalks under construction.  I started noticing these when we first moved to Brno last year, and then watched the projects continue on in Prague throughout last summer, and then begin again this summer.

Unlike California, land of asphalt and glitter lined with seismic stress fractures, this country is all about stone cubes, delicately and methodically embedded in sand. These people actually like to rip up streets, and reassemble them, by hand, with wee blocks. Hard core. Beyond old school. I love it.

Last month, I woke up to the sound of jackhammers below my window, and witnessed workers ripping up the ratty old asphalt flanking one side of our building. I figured that the city was just doing some repairs to pipes underneath or something like that, but it turned out that they had decided to redo the entire length of the block with ornamental effing patterned cubes. Seriously? Who does that?? No one in the 94608, that’s for sure.

I get a little thrill out of the piles of cubes. They’re really kind of magical: the facets bounce light in some extraordinarily beautiful ways.  The mounds also resemble super-sized, grey-ish, sugar cubes, which gets me wondering about the giant cup of coffee that they might go into.

update 7/7: holy MoG: new summer photo series about to emerge– cubes + portapotties, at the same time!

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