Joe McKay

For viewers who go to see Fermata, there are brochures (more like mini-books) that offer a sample image and brief statement about the work from each artist in the exhibition. I thought folks who can’t make it to the show/didn’t get a brochure might appreciate access to the info here. I personally loved the way the brochures turned out, and I think my peers have made such amazing work these past two years, I just want to make information about them as accessible as possible.

Below is Joe McKay‘s image and text:


Found Sci-Fi

If you see a UFO, act normal. Go about your day-to-day. Try not to stare
too long. The UFOs are always there. UFO #3, for example, is in the parking lot
of the Home Depot in Emeryville. Say hello for me next time you’re there.

Postcards of the UFOs are for sale in the museum shop. You can use these
images as a field guide for finding your own, or you can send them to your
friends and family. Spread the word.

Like the UFOs, the vacant landscape in “Platformer” is always there. It’s more common than you’d think; it’s the backside of a landscape you see everyday. If you want to go there yourself, and you are driving, please find a safe place to pull over. I recommend using a bike instead; you are less likely to miss it.

-joe mckay

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